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Synthetic Woven Fabrics used in a wide variety of environmental and civil engineering applications
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Based in Dublin, Interpac has over ten years experience in the supply and nationwide distribution of pharmaceutical, food and chemical packaging.

The company was formed with the goal of changing the way that packaging is sourced, designed and delivered to the customer with the primary focus being on service and quality.

Our Products
Interpac deal in a wide range of UN and non-UN approved packaging for chemical, pharmaceutical and hazardous products & waste. See our full range of products here ›

In recent years a large proportion of packaging containers and materials being used have been surpassed by technologically advanced new designs and materials that bring a host of benefits to the customer. We offer our consultancy services to our customers on the correct, most cost-effective products they should use for their packaging. Read more

Highest Quality
We supply the very highest UN Approved quality packaging components with all of the internationally renowned manufacturers being audited by us as a pre-requisite to us entering any supply agreements with them. The pharmaceutical industry in particular, has a very high standard of quality requirement for all packaging materials and this is where we specialise.

Guaranteed Service
We have warehousing facilities in Dublin, Cork and Limerick, guaranteeing the shortest possible lead times coupled with the stockholding of key materials to ensure that continuity of supply is never an issue.


We will source and stock items specific to our customers requirements

which keeps us, and you ahead of the competition!


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