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Stacked Conical Steel Drums

From 5 to 210 litre capacity.

These drums are rapidly becoming the focus of pharmaceutical manufacturers looking to reduce costs and storage issues.

As a result of their conical body and superior and inferior difference of diameters, it is possible to fit many on one pallet thus offering typical storage savings of 400% over the traditional cylindrical steel drums.

All drums are available manufactured to individual specifications with external and internal coatings and UN approval.


Liquids & Solids Approved

divider Solids Approved



IMTO Conical Steel Drums

  • From 15 to 150 litres
  • From 0,40 to 0,90 mm in thickness
  • With or without UN type approval
  • Iinside lining : varnish or epoxy

    Metalfuts conical steel drums


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UN Approved


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