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Flexible intermediate bulk containers FIBC - Diamond








FIBCs of mostly known construction of U panel with 2 side panels.

Specially constructed reinforced selvedges either with hemming
(GARNET model ) or weaving ( DIAMOND model ), enables the strong vertical sewing against working loads of 250 kg up to 2500 kg with safety factors of 5:1 , 6:1 and 8:1.

Lifting style of 4 corner loops. Any kind of additional loop construction is applicable in most cases.

Garnet Type with flat cut fabric from circular looms, which brings a better stability with cost effective production techniques, ending up with the most competitive price range, which are suitable for many applications in Food and Chemical industry.

Diamond Type with flat woven fabric, which brings a recognizable stability, and suitable construction for many applications in Food and Chemical industry.

Type-C and Type-D FIBC s are also available with different fabric types with respect to the antistatic features of the woven fabric.

Extrusion coating on fabrics are applicable. According to the application, coating can be inside or outside the bag.

Also colored fabrics can be used to make distinguishable FIBC s for specific needs.

All types of liners are applicable with the design, in order to improve the bags durability against humidity, possible contaminations during usage and to enhance low permeability properties with respect to the chosen films.

All types of FIBC s and liners are produced under several certifications. Please visit the related page for detailed certification explanations. (Quality Opens a new window)



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