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Woven Geotextiles

Woven Geotextiles

Geotextiles are synthetic woven fabrics used in a wide variety of environmental and civil engineering applications such as soil stabilization, drainage, filtration and erosion control.

PP woven geotextiles present a significant benefit to users about improvement of performance and economics in a wide range of roadway and soil applications.

knows that the performance of application depends on the stability and strength of the foundation. Our geotextile fabrics are ready to assist your successful applications.




Geotextiles function to prevent mutual mixing between 2 layers of soil having different particle sizes or different properties.


Geotextile provides an ideal interface for the creation of a reverse filter in the soil adjacent to the geotextile


Due to their high soil fabric friction coefficient and high tensile strength, heavy grades of geotextiles are used to reinforce earth structures allowing the use of local fill material.


1- Construction of roads and other trafficked areas (excluding railways and asphalt inclusion)

2- Construction of railways,

3- Earthworks, foundations and retaining structures,

4- Use in drainage systems,

5- Erosion control works (coastal protection, bank revetments),

6- Construction of reservoirs and dams,

7- Construction of canals,

8- Construction of tunnels and underground structures,

9- Use in solid waste disposals,

10- Use in liquid waste containment projects,


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