Fibre Drums

We source standard and customised fibre drums for customers in the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries who require enhanced product integrity in their packaging materials.

A comprehensive range of open top fibre drums are produced, in sizes from 10 litres up to 270 litres capacity and in a wide range of diameters, heights and styles. Our All Fibre range is available in both round and square profiles.

Fibre drums are used globally and offer a strong, cost effective means for the packaging of solid, paste, powder or semi-liquid products. Fibre drums are widely used by the chemical, pharmaceutical, foodstuff and intermediate product industries.

Hazardous products can be packed in fibre drums, since they are approved to UN Transport of Dangerous Goods recommendations for solid based products

Our fibre drums are accredited to ISO9001 : 2000 and are a leading member of SEFFI, the European Fibre Drum Association, an organisation which aims to improve environmental awareness and to influence world-wide legislation on transport and recovery of fibre drums.